Walker Wargames is moving to a new location!

We are excited to announce that Walker Wargames is moving to a new location! Their new address is:

Unit 5, Block C
Willow Park, Willow Rd
Stikland Bellville

To celebrate their grand opening, a The Farm is organizing a meetup to support them. There will be food, drinks, and games, and we would love for you to join them!

Time: @ – @

Extreme Tactical Airsoft


Why they are moving

There are a few reasons why they are moving to a new location. First, their current location is starting to get too small for them. They have been growing steadily over the past few years, and they need more space to store their inventory.

Second, their new location is more central to all of the airsoft fields in the area. This will make it easier for their customers to get to their store, and it will also allow them to better support the airsoft community.

What to expect at the new location

Their new location is a large warehouse space that has been converted into a retail store space. They have a large selection of airsoft products, including guns, gear, and accessories.

We are excited to welcome you to their new location!

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